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Death is a part of life. We learn as children about the circle of life. Everyone has an obituary written about them when they die. An obituary summarizes the life you lead and the people you left behind after you passed away. It is impossible to be able to express how much a person affected others. An obituary is usually a few paragraphs long and sometimes has a photo graph with it. The person’s first and last name is listed first. Their cause of death, date of birth, date of death, place of birth, and place of death follows their name. The obituary then lists the person’s occupation, a spouse if necessary, and the names of the surviving family members.

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The one big problem with obituaries that are written and published in newspapers is that usually you have to read the particular newspaper that the obituary is published in to know that the person died. Most surviving family members only place their deceased family member’s obituary in their local newspaper. Many people move away or relocate at some time in their lives so they will not know that someone that they knew has passed away if they no longer live in the same town as their deceased family member or close friend.

Something new that has been implemented on the Internet is called online obituaries. Online obituaries are obituaries of deceased people that can be posted on different web sites. This type of media can reach many different people in various states and countries. It helps people be able to make arrangements to attend their loved one’s or friend’s funeral.

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